Do Different Modafinil Brands have Different Potency?


While getting my prescription modafinil today at Costco I received a new brand name moda. It was called Alembic if I recall correctly. I was a bit skeptical as there isn’t much discussion online about this brand. But I was pleasantly surprised. I had to cut down my dosage to 100mg with this brand, versus 200mg I am used to taking.


I also had a generic in a normal pill bottle given by Costco once. That did not do much good.

I tried Alembic, it wasn’t as effective compared to Modalert. Modalert is the one I use now, It’s the best brand according to my personal experience. I also started taking 200mg of Alembic, 100mg wasn’t enough to keep me focused, I wasn’t feeling much effects. I’d say 200mg to 400mg of Alembic would be enough for me to start feeling the effects now, take a look at Modalert, I’d say it’s a better brand. But if you want to stick with Alembic, your tolerance will certainly grow on it.

But then I tried Modalert and found it was even better and Alembic. For this reason I only take Modalert these days. If you are looking to buy modalert brand of modafinil, MedCobra is a pretty good website that I have personally used. From my experiments on my body, I can say that Modalert is pretty good compared to most of the generics sold at CVS or Costco.