Do Different Modafinil Brands have Different Potency?


While getting my prescription modafinil today at Costco I received a new brand name moda. It was called Alembic if I recall correctly. I was a bit skeptical as there isn’t much discussion online about this brand. But I was pleasantly surprised. I had to cut down my dosage to 100mg with this brand, versus 200mg I am used to taking.


I also had a generic in a normal pill bottle given by Costco once. That did not do much good.

I tried Alembic, it wasn’t as effective compared to Modalert. Modalert is the one I use now, It’s the best brand according to my personal experience. I also started taking 200mg of Alembic, 100mg wasn’t enough to keep me focused, I wasn’t feeling much effects. I’d say 200mg to 400mg of Alembic would be enough for me to start feeling the effects now, take a look at Modalert, I’d say it’s a better brand. But if you want to stick with Alembic, your tolerance will certainly grow on it.

But then I tried Modalert and found it was even better and Alembic. For this reason I only take Modalert these days. If you are looking to buy modalert brand of modafinil, MedCobra is a pretty good website that I have personally used. From my experiments on my body, I can say that Modalert is pretty good compared to most of the generics sold at CVS or Costco.

What’s the difference between Modafinil and Armodafinil

Armodafinil is stronger and has a longer half life (lasts longer) some people also say it is “smoother” as well though your mileage may vary. Both arma and Moda are wakefulness agents not stimulants so they mask the effects of tiredness resulting in a better quality of life for tired people whatever the cause. This is usually presented in better focus.

Modafinil is 50/50 of the (R) and (S) enantiomer while Armodafinil is completely made up of the R-enantiomer. What I’m not quite sure of is, the S-enantiomer is supposed to be inactive while at the same time shortening onset due to its half life of 4 hours.

Adderall is a stimulant and will make you more focused but can have pretty bad/annoying side effects, it has nothing to do with tiredness so will work regardless of your current state.

Generally Moda/arma is more subtle than a stimulant of any kind including adderall.